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INFOMEDIA CLASSROOMS, in pictures, is as traditonal as any multimedia classroom that you come across. But what makes it 'complete' is our focus on providing professinally usable resources to our instructors and the technological productivity in the training process: something that our students should not feel the scarcity of.

Infomedia Classroom
Infomedia Classroom
Infomedia Classroom
Infomedia Classroom

We know that an efficient Information Technology (IT) classroom incorporates several key features to enhance learning and engagement. Let’s explore how these salient aspects can  help us achieve our mutual goals.:

  • Digital Literacy and Integration:

    • Teachers are digitally literate and understand how to integrate technology into the curriculum.

    • We use a diverse set of ICT tools for communication, creation, dissemination, storage, and information management.

    • We have replaced traditional chalkboards with interactive digital whiteboards and LED displays for more engaging teaching.

  • Student-Centered Learning:

    • Adaptability: Our IT classroom caters to different learning styles and abilities.

    • Lifelong Learning: Our training resources support ongoing development and targeted learning for students.

    • Higher Order Thinking: Our effective use of technology fosters critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

  • Smart Classrooms:

    • Convenience: Students can easily access learning resources and consult materials.

    • Timely Feedback: Smart classrooms provide timely feedback, enhancing the learning experience.

  • Digital Culture and Literacy:

    • Digital Culture: We acknowledge the impact of digital culture on knowledge construction and distribution.

    • Digital Literacy: We develop skills for searching, discerning, producing information, and using new media effectively.

  • Cost-Benefit Considerations:

    • We evaluate and consider the total cost-benefit equation of implementing technology.

    • We ensure infrastructure maintenance and teacher support for effective ICT use.

In summary, our IT classroom combines digital literacy, student-centered approaches, and thoughtful integration of technology to empower learners and prepare them for the evolving technological landscape

Welcome to our vibrant gallery! Dive into the heart of our institute and witness the synergy of technology and creativity. From the focused intensity of our classrooms to the exuberance of our tech fairs, each image captures the spirit of innovation that drives us. Explore, enjoy, and be inspired by the achievements that define our community.

Campus & Team

Our  team comprises of computer teachers, programmers, and support staff who possesses several essential qualities to effectively educate and inspire students in the realm of technology. Let’s explore these how these key attributes can impact our training quality and the outcomes:

  1. Technical Proficiency:

    • Comfort with Technology: Computer teachers should be at ease working with computer hardware, software, networking, and information delivery systems.

    • Programming Skills: Proficiency in programming languages like C++, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Java is crucial.

    • Knowledge of Electrical Engineering: Understanding electrical engineering technology and telecommunications systems is beneficial.

  2. Subject Expertise:

    • Educational Technology: Given that today’s students are increasingly computer-literate, computer teachers must be experts in educational technology, information systems, and computer science.

    • Adaptability: Staying updated with technological advancements is essential.

  3. Effective Communication:

    • Public Speaking: Computer teachers engage with students individually and in groups. Strong public speaking skills are valuable.

    • Collaboration: Group-oriented dynamics require effective communication and collaboration.

  4. Analytical Thinking:

    • Logical Thinkers: Computer teachers should possess analytical and critical thinking skills.

    • Objective Decision-Makers: They make informed decisions based on data and logic.

  5. Passion and Empathy:

    • Passion for Technology: A genuine fascination with the subject and its possibilities.

    • Empathy and Patience: Good listening skills and patience are crucial traits for effective teaching.

Thus, our successful computer teachers and staff combines technical expertise, subject knowledge, effective communication, and a passion for technology to empower students in their learning journey.

Had the privilege of learning with this great team at INFOMEDIA. I am impressed with their practical sessions and theory classes. The comprehensive and thorough practicals left a lasting impression"

Abin Joseph

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