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The SummerFest 24

Technology at School

The Event Highlights

Students can...


  • Take a Quiz and win a Prize.

  • Buy a book from the books on display.

  • Make a drawing and win a prize.

  • Give a speech (in English) and win a prize.

  • Face and interview session and win rewards,

  • Choose a summer course for English language, Arts, or Computer Proficiency, and get fee concessions up to 70%!

  • All the contest participants will receive certificates from Infomedia Education, IELTS Counsellor, ADACALL, or Adaptive Arts Academy.

Cheers!  Now exams are over! Real learning begins and lasts between the exams, and not during the exams. The lessons of life are embedded in the practical and interactive learning.

The SummerFest 24 is for school children and serves several important purposes: It provides a platform for students to exhibit their academic skills in a festive atmosphere.


The SummerFest 24 makes young learners curious to understand each other’s cultural beliefs and traditions, fostering respect and understanding.

Participating in the SummerFest 24 can boost their self-esteem and confidence and facilitate them to work for a fixed goal in unison, developing a sense of responsibility and teaching them how to work in a team and in various challenging situations.

In essence, SummerFest 24 is a 'Schooler's Party' about learning, cultural exchange, and personal development. 

To know more about it, please contact us using the call or WhatsApp or e-mail buttons:

To book your name for the event, you may choose a quiz and submit this Registration Form:


Let's Get Together!

Show Your Talent, 


Become an INFOMEDIA's
Summer Volunteer!

Congrats! Now get ready for a Quiz and reach us when invited!

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