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This is how INFOMEDIA can help your company's HR department in onboarding the new employees:

Orientation is an important activity for those joining any course, as it introduces the student to computers and their basics. Onboarding, however, is a process that occurs over a longer duration. It is a series of activities that are designed to help the student get accustomed to their chosen course, to help employee synchronize with the employer's objectives. 


IT onboarding is a crucial part of the general onboarding process. It involves introducing and training new hires on the technology they’ll use in their day-to-day responsibilities within the IT domain. Here are some key aspects of IT onboarding:

Hardware and Software Familiarization: New hires become acquainted with the hardware (such as computers, phones, and other devices) and software tools they’ll be using. This ensures they can be productive from the start.

Corporate Account Setup: Setting up corporate accounts (such as email, messaging apps, and password security tools) is essential. It allows employees to access company resources securely.

Security Guidelines: New hires learn and follow security guidelines related to data privacy, sensitive information handling, and best practices for securing their workstations.

Confidence Building: Effective IT onboarding instills confidence in employees that they have the necessary tools and knowledge to carry out their tasks effectively.

To facilitate successful IT onboarding, our instructors create checklists, provide training sessions, and ensure that new hires understand the technology landscape they’ll be working with.


This process may require multiple training sessions to ensure that the student is equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to successfully complete the course.


Online training is a great way to make sure that the onboarding process is done properly, and that the student receives regular training until they are fully onboarded. This helps to ensure that the student or staff can adjust to the new environment and is able to get the most out of the course.

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