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IT Training & Consulting Services

INFOMEDIA EDUCATION has trained hundreds of students, engineers, medical and IT professionals in learning computer skills. Hardware and software related computer courses  are offered online, offline and through distance education modes. This computer training center is popular among young learners.IT training is a broad phrase that covers a variety of industries, technical information, and other aspects related to the internal processes that a business relies on to function

INFOMEDIA is also creating its niche in IT Solutions and Services by maintaining a pool of hardware, software and networking experts.

IT Training

Our IT Training 

Infomedia Education offers IT Training specific to the Information Technology (IT) industry, or to the skills necessary for performing information technology jobs. Our training includes courses related to the application, design, development, implementation, support or management of computer-based information systems. We however, do not forget kids and children to make them curious and acknowledge what computers can do for them.

Awareness Training

In this digital age, it has become a necessity for every individual to be able to stay on par with the latest technological advancements and next-gen technology. Be it communication, transportation, entertainment, education, or  the medicine industry, the use of computers is evident almost everywhere and has evolved to be one inseparable element. With ample career opportunities across industries, studying computer science or information technology courses provides you with a platform to gain an in-depth knowledge of the field.

Orientation Training

The orientation training is the initial training conducted for all new employees. It involves inducing the new employee into the organization. Key topics covered would include:

  • Organization vision, mission, and objectives

  • Organization structure and history

  • Organization culture

  • Introduction to organization activities

  • Important policies and procedures

All these topics are effectively covered through online training modules.


While orientation is a one-time activity done when the employee joins, onboarding takes place over a longer duration. Apart from the initial introduction, it ensures the employee get adjusted into the department or function, where he/she is placed. It ensures that employees understand their job profile and fit into their work smoothly and effectively. This may require training that is conducted over multiple sessions. Online training would be suitable to ensure regular training until the onboarding is complete.

Product Training

An organization sells its products or services to customers and every employee must be aware of this. Depending on the nature of their work, they need to know all about the products. The product type, the need for the product, its history, product features, unique proposition value the product offers are some of the things every employee should be aware of. Those who interact with customers need in-depth product knowledge so they would be able to handle any queries posed by customers. Whenever new products are introduced, training is needed so that employees are aware of the latest developments.

Technical Training

Training can help update the employee with the latest developments related to their work area and the technology used. It allows employees to gain the skills that they need. It can be at a beginner level or a higher proficiency level. Online training allows employees to acquire these skills in a structured way at their pace and convenience. The immediate superior can monitor the effectiveness of the training and suggest additional training wherever required. Online training program also allows for assessment of training effectiveness that would be valuable.

Soft Skills

Apart from the core technical skills, employees need soft skills to be able to do their job in the best possible way. Some of these skills are:

  • Communication skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Time management

  • Stress management

  • Problem-solving abilities

  • Decision-making skills

  • Work ethics

  • Conflict management

These soft skills help to build the overall personality of the employee. It gives them the confidence needed to do their job well.

IT Services

Our IT Services

Infomedia is facilitating the application of business and technical expertise to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization of, or access to information and business processes.

Cloud Solutions

Cloud solutions, also known as cloud computing or cloud services, deliver IT resources on demand over the Internet.


Cloud service providers such Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform can deliver everything from applications to data centers on a pay-for-use basis to their subscribers.


INFOMEDIA ensures hassle-free setup and installation of these services.

Managed IT Services

Managed IT services are tasks handled by a third party, frequently in the context of business information technology services.


The managed services model is a way to offload general tasks to an expert in order to reduce costs, improve service quality, or free internal teams to do work that's specific to their business. INFOMEDIA ensures that continuous monitoring and management is done to keeps your business system healthy.

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is an organization's ability to restore access and functionality to IT infrastructure after a disaster event, whether natural or caused by human action (or error).


Disaster recovery is a planning framework that helps to ensure that a business can withstand a disaster. INFOMEDIA offers data backup and helps businesses recover lost data after accidental deletion or a cyberattack such as ransomware.

Cloud Desktop

Cloud desktops are an approach to end-user computing where virtual desktops and applications are hosted on cloud-based resources rather than resources in an on-premises corporate data center. In some ways, cloud desktops offer inherent security advantages over physical PCs. In other ways, however, they create additional risks. The chief security advantage of cloud desktops is that they eliminate the threat of security incidents that arise from insecure physical hardware.

Network Solutions

Network Solutions offers everything you need to get online quickly. From website development to optimization, social media, online advertising and more, we'll have your business online in no time. Some examples of networking services include NTP, DNS, DHCP, VoIP, File and Directory, Hardware Sharing, Email, and Website Hosting.


INFOMEDIA offers user management, email, printing, and system administration services based on client's specific needs.

Support Consulting

INFOMEDIA's support consultants provide specialized support services to businesses and organizations to assist with a range of critical operational functions. These consultants often have expertise in a particular business area, such as accounting, marketing, or cybersecurity.

Our support consultants are highly experienced in good data entry and typing skills. Strong working knowledge of computer software, including microsoft office. They are trained for interpersonal skills, customer service, and good problem-solving skills at the workplaces.


“Infomedia offers 24/7 training through online learning facilities including online video content that student can access anytime and from anywhere.

Simpson Atkins
CEO, The West Horizons Group

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