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Industry-based IT Solutions


Agriculture IT solutions are helping farmers address their specific challenges like manual irrigation, soil fertility, insufficient distribution chain, frequent changes in crop prices, etc. Agriculture technology or Agri technology is also known as agritech. It is efficient in mapping, monitoring, and managing farming decisions precisely. Agriculture solutions come in various formats such as satellite imagery, sensors, agriculture machines, and software solutions.

The data that we provide, enables farmers and agribusinesses to closely monitor crop cultivation, optimize the use of agrochemicals and natural resources, and adapt quickly to changing environmental conditions. The application of precision agriculture and ICTs have resulted in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

Banking & Financial Services

Information technology in banking sector refers to the use of sophisticated information and communication technologies together with computer science to enable banks to offer better services to its customers in a secure, reliable and affordable manner and sustain competitive advantage over other banks. Some of the most popular features include accessing the location of ATM networks, requesting loans, and accessing customer service channels. Additionally, they can handle other tasks related to the payment card industry.

In Finance sector, the common examples of IT solutions are mobile banking, peer-to-peer payment services (e.g., Venmo, CashApp), automated portfolio managers (e.g., Wealthfront, Betterment), or trading platforms such as Robinhood.


Students can access it whenever they want to learn. The main use of information technology in education for tutors they can easily teach a lesson to students much more easily by using audio and visual materials. Undoubtedly, technology increased the interest in learning by many folds and modern technology helped the student improve their critical thinking and analytical skills which is very much necessary to face any kind of challenge. It has not only helped the students to become successful but also to excel. When students work with information technologies, teachers reduce the time they spend directing students; they spend more of their time facilitating student learning. A shift from whole-class instruction to small group instruction Students progress at different rates and pace in their learning process.

Energy & Utilities

Many industries are implementing changes and focusing on creating more sustainable environments, from solar power, energy storage, electric vehicles to innovative heat pumps, hydrogen technologies, smart electricity grids and more alternatives for coal, oil and gas. Digital transformation in the utilities sector is the process of adopting new digital ways of working, often with a business goal for utilities to reinvent themselves. Unlike fossil fuels, some energy sources are totally renewable, and do not emit greenhouse gases. These clean and sustainable alternative energy solutions include solar energy, hydropower, wind energy, geothermal energy and biomass energy. IT solutions provide direct remedies in using allied technologies efficiently.


Information technology has a highly insightful role in driving optimization and efficiency across all sectors today, including the public and private sectors. CIOs from Government & PSUs have implemented niche technologies to drive innovation and transformation within the country. Governments all over the world have been using ICTs such as internet, websites, computers and mobile phones to provide various government services in an efficient, equitable and transparent manner with less corruption.Use of ICT in the governance process provides access of information and services to the citizens and thus encourages the participation of citizens in the administrative process.

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