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Visionary - The Leader


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45 Days

About the Course

Visionary - The Leader

Teaching leadership skills to young learners is a valuable endeavor that equips them with essential life skills. Here are some strategies and content areas that become part of this course:


Understanding Leadership in the Classroom:
  • Leadership skills are crucial for personal and social development.

  • Teachers play a vital role in fostering leadership attributes among young learners.

  • Encouraging students to lead, collaborate, and take initiative contributes to their growth.


Strategies for Developing Leadership Skills:
  • Group activities: Engage learners in collaborative tasks where they can practice decision-making, communication, and teamwork.

  • Class discussions: Encourage students to express their ideas, listen actively, and respect diverse viewpoints.

  • Role modeling: Demonstrate leadership qualities through your own behavior.

  • Empowerment: Provide opportunities for students to take charge, organize events, and lead their peers.

  • Reflection: Help learners reflect on their experiences and learn from successes and challenges.


Essentials of Leadership Course Content:
  • Self-leadership: Understanding oneself, setting goals, and managing emotions.

  • Leading colleagues: Building effective relationships, communication, and trust.

  • Aligning with mission and values: Connecting personal leadership with the organization’s purpose.


In a nutshell:

INFOMEDIA's courses on leadership and management gives absolutely new dimensions in learning the leadership skills. Our program is designed on the concept that nurturing leadership skills in young learners goes beyond theory—it involves practical experiences, mentorship, and a supportive learning environment.

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