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Articulate - The Hindi Highbrow


1995 / month


45 Days

About the Course

Articulate - The Hindi Highbrow

Teaching Hindi to beginners and school children involves a structured approach that combines interactive learning, cultural understanding, and practical communication. INFOMEDIA offers certified teachers who use presentations, whiteboard, and other advanced tools to make classes interactive and fun. We use a proven, highly structured approach customized to individual needs.



It is a comprehensive, 24-hour course to kickstart Hindi learning. Sincere learners can become a fluent Hindi speaker in just TWO months.



This course, which is delivered online as well as offline, offers flexible learning i.e., lessons are tailored based on your current level.



The course is designed for those with little or no knowledge of Hindi, and covers basics, reading Devanagari script, counting, and more.  Each lesson is presented as a unit with age-appropriate and engaging activities. The program includes videos, games, songs, tests, printable worksheets, flashcards, and more. It provides a comprehensive language learning experience.



  • Bite-sized videos covering Hindi stories, dance, and more.

  • Homework, quizzes, and fun activities.

  • Digital Hindi Learning App for Kids

  • Theme-based interactive lessons.

  • Learn the first 550 words in Hindi.

  • Explore avatars and clothing while immersing in Indian culture.



  • Students also learn about the Indian culture and society alongside language skills.

  • Discounts on books and workbooks offered to everyone.

  • A combination of structured lessons, interactive activities, and cultural context will help beginners and school children learn Hindi effectively.

  • A certificate of completion by Adaptive Academic Alliance (ADACAL INSTITUTE).

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Summer Course Admission

Congrats! You've now registered yourself in a course full of knowledge, creativity, and fun.

If you are interested in joining this program but you have any questions or need further information about it, E-mail, Call, or WhatsApp here:

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