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Certificate in Windows Operating System

20/60/100 Hrs.

Certificate in Windows Operating System

About the Course

The Computer IT Operating System Basics Certificate Course covers fundamental concepts related to operating systems (OS) and their practical applications. Whether you're a beginner exploring the world of IT or aiming to enhance your skills, this course provides essential knowledge relevant to various IT roles.

Course Modules

1. Introduction to Operating Systems:

  • Understand the role of operating systems in managing computer hardware and software.

  • Explore the evolution of operating systems and their significance in modern computing.

2. Operating System Components:

  • Learn about the core components of an operating system, including the kernel, file system, and device drivers.

  • Understand how these components interact to provide a seamless user experience.

3. Process Management:

  • Dive into process scheduling, multitasking, and inter-process communication.

  • Explore concepts like threads, context switching, and process synchronization.

4. Memory Management:

  • Gain insights into memory allocation, virtual memory, and memory protection.

  • Understand how operating systems manage RAM and ensure efficient memory utilization.

5. File Systems and Storage:

  • Learn about file systems, directories, and file permissions.

  • Explore storage management techniques, including disk partitioning and RAID configurations.

6. Device Management:

  • Discover how operating systems handle input/output devices (such as printers, keyboards, and monitors).

  • Study device drivers, interrupts, and I/O operations.

7. Security and User Management:

  • Explore access control, authentication, and user account management.

  • Understand security mechanisms implemented by operating systems to protect data and resources.

8. Networking Basics:

  • Get an overview of networking concepts within operating systems.

  • Learn about network protocols, sockets, and network configuration.

This course aims to provide a solid foundation, making it suitable for beginners and those seeking to refresh their understanding of operating systems. Whether you're interested in IT support, software development, or other tech-related fields, these basics will serve as a valuable starting point.

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