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Dweller - The Eco-volunteer


1995 / month


45 Days

About the Course

Dweller - The Eco-volunteer

Environmental volunteering program typically involves a variety of activities aimed at conserving and protecting the environment.
Our volunteering programs are organized every weekend. Activities range from weekend cleanups, wall painting to plantation. You can also join their team to shoot documentaries, wildlife photograph documentation, and street theater performances. We also offer a 2-month long internship where you will be part of a team working on real-time solutions to tackle environmental degradation.
Their environmental volunteer program allows you to contribute to sustainable development and help protect the environment while making connections and memories as part of a multicultural team. It offers ecotourism projects for groups or individuals, young people, and families. These projects address important contemporary issues like climate, species protection and biodiversity, waste management, etc.
Our eco-protection programs grow students’ environmental awareness, connect students to the outdoors, and instill a desire to protect Earth’s beauty and natural resources.
The specific course content will vary depending on the participants’ age and knowledge, and the nature of the program. It’s always a good idea to discuss about the program objectives before enrolling.
Happy volunteering!

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