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Eloquent - The English Orator


1995 / month


45 Days

About the Course

Eloquent - The English Orator

A combination of structured courses, interactive activities, and independent practice is essential for young learners to develop strong English language skills. When it comes to developing English language skills and fluency in young learners, there are several effective approaches and resources that is worth mentioning here:


The course comprises of structured Lessons and interactive activities. Students use a course book that provides a framework for lessons. The multi-level learning stages are fun and interactive, encouraging effective communication, vocabulary improvement, and grammar development:


Pre-Intermediate 1: Introduces everyday situations and topics (family, lifestyle, habits, jobs, interests). Practicing grammar, vocabulary, and informal communication.


Pre-Intermediate 2: Explores life, interests, travel, history, and events. Focuses on past and present tenses, writing biographies, and describing places.


Pre-Intermediate 3: Discusses arts, culture, entertainment, fashion, and technology. Enhances grammar skills related to change and the future.


Intermediate 1: Functional language for travel, shopping, social gatherings. Writing informal letters and personal profiles.


Intermediate 2: Language related to money, banking, dates, and travel. Writing emails and clarifying information over the telephone.


Intermediate 3: Topics include health, crime, food, and handling complaints. Writing formal letters, stories, and descriptions.


Beyond language, students learn essential life skills such as team-working, public speaking, and expressing opinions. Students develop reading, speaking, listening, and writing skills independently.

The course has many stages of feedback, assessment, role plays and reward systems. Students get enough opportunity to practice grammar, vocabulary, and effective communication in the presence of an able audience. The course finally terminates with an end-of-term project and/or exam and certification.


INFOMEDIA, with the expertise of the IELTS COUNSELLOR, offers a variety of teaching and learning resources for English language learners of all ages, including young learners.  These resources cover various aspects of language acquisition, including speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Students can immerse themselves in expressions and valuable tips to enhance their English proficiency.


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