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IT Training

Computer Education


Starting April 2024

Training Facility

C&G, Kochi, Kerala, India.

Training Manager

Mr. Aroosh

Computer Training

Applications and Skills

IT Training and Computer Education projects within an infotech company play a crucial role in equipping individuals with essential digital skills. This project contributes significantly to bridging the digital divide and fostering inclusivity in the digital age. Some of these typically involve:

Focus on providing computer training to persons with visual impairment and print disability. It aims to make the educated blind “literate” by offering courses in software, hardware, and assistive technology.

The goal is to empower marginalized sections of society through education, rehabilitation, and welfare. These initiatives create opportunities for sustainable social upliftment, enabling visually impaired individuals to contribute significantly to India’s growth story.

Our IT training projects cover a wide range of courses, including:

1. Web Design: Teaching the process of creating websites.
2. Android App Development: Introducing beginners to app development.
3. Programming Languages (C++, C): Building foundational coding skills.
4. Software Tools (AutoCAD, Adobe InDesign): Enhancing specialized skills.
5. ERP Skills (Tally): Providing practical knowledge for accounting and business management.
6. Hardware and Networking: Understanding computer hardware components and network configurations.

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