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Certificate in Desktop Publishing

20/60/100 Hrs.

Certificate in Desktop Publishing

About the Course

INFOMEDIA EDUCATION’s Desktop Publishing Basics Certificate Course equips participants with essential knowledge related to designing and creating print materials. Whether you're interested in graphic design, advertising, or publishing, this course covers relevant topics using suitable hardware and software tools.

Course Modules

1. MS Paint:

  • Introduction to MS Paint.

  • Understanding its limits.

  • User interface setup and help.

  • Working with images (open, save, file types).

  • Drawing tools, color selection, and image resizing.

  • Copy/paste, transparency, and composition.

2. Photoshop:

  • Getting acquainted with Photoshop.

  • Basic image manipulation.

  • Color basics.

  • Painting tools, brush settings, and selections.

  • Layers and advanced layers.

  • Text, drawing, channels, and masking.

3. PageMaker:

  • Introduction to PageMaker.

  • Layout design, text formatting, and graphics placement.

  • Creating brochures, newsletters, and other print materials.

4. Coral Draw:

  • Understanding Coral Draw.

  • Vector graphics creation.

  • Working with shapes, typography, and color.

  • Designing logos, posters, and more.

5. Project Work:

  • Apply the learned skills to practical projects.

  • Create professional-quality designs and layouts.

Prerequisites: Knowledge of basic computer concepts.

This course provides a solid foundation for those interested in desktop publishing, making participants well-suited for careers in advertising, publishing, and graphic design. These fundamental concepts will serve as an excellent starting point for your career.

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IT Trainer responsibilities include identifying educational needs, designing educational material and ensuring all employees take basic computer training. If you know how to design engaging courses to explain technical procedures and best practices, we'd like to meet you.

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